Meals on Wheels, By John R. Barlow

Since 1947, Meals on Wheels has been serving warm food to seniors and the underprivileged right at their doorsteps. The U.S. program, which follows similar ones in Great Britain and Australia, now counts up to 1.7 million volunteers among its ranks, and it provides more than 1 million meals to seniors every day. The Board of Directors of the Meals on Wheels Association of America has set a goal to end senior hunger by 2020 by recruiting 6 million people to volunteer their energy to the cause.

The organization plans on accomplishing this lofty goal by relying on its Four Pillars:

1. The National Response to Senior Hunger involves research efforts into senior hunger and efforts to raise awareness in Washington, D.C.

2. The Meals on Wheels Leadership Academy facilitates training for volunteers and scholarships for staff.

3. The National Campaign for Community Impact uses available resources to serve meals and maintain service infrastructure.

4. Capacity Building efficiently dedicates system infrastructure to support member programs around the country.

John R. Barlow is the owner of Blueprint Builders LLC, a residential and commercial contracting firm in Minneapolis. Barlow counts the Meals on Wheels Association of America as among his favorite charitable organizations.


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