Meals On Wheels Association of America: Ending Senior Hunger by John R. Barlow

One of the most unaddressed problems in the United States, hunger affects more than 8 million senior citizens around the country. Populations most at risk include women and individuals between the ages of 60 and 69. Also, Hispanic and African Americans face extremely high rates of hunger, as do individuals living in rural areas. Meals On Wheels Association of America works to end the problem of senior hunger by delivering nutritious meals directly to the doors of senior citizens. A recently conducted survey found that the program helps many seniors not just ensure they have food, but also pushes them to eat healthier, feel more secure, and improve their basic quality of life. Many individuals who benefit from the program would otherwise need to vacate their homes for assisted living facilities. Interested individuals can learn more about the program and how to get involved online at

About the Author: An experienced executive in the entertainment industry, John R. Barlow operates a number of nightclubs throughout Minneapolis and surrounding areas. Devoted to the community, John R. Barlow supports several philanthropic initiatives, including Meals On Wheels Association of America.


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