“The Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi” by John R. Barlow

Tai chi involves slow, gentle, and deliberate movements of the body. Despite its seemingly low impact, tai chi has a number of health benefits, from increasing flexibility to improving balance. As individuals age, they naturally lose the sense of proprioception, the ability to sense one’s body position. This results in an increased risk of falling. Tai chi significantly reduces this risk and grants practitioners greater control over their bodies. Additionally, a study has shown that the practice can lead to better upper- and lower-body strength. A second study, conducted in Japan, compared the benefits of tai chi to those of brisk walking and resistance training. Individuals who practiced tai chi gained almost as much muscle strength as the resistance trainers and much more than the walkers. Depending on how one practices, he or she may also reap the benefits of regular cardiovascular exercise.

About the Author: A Managing Partner at LateNight Entertainment, LLC, John R. Barlow operates several nightclubs throughout Minneapolis. Recreationally, John R. Barlow practices yoga in addition to tai chi.


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