Summer of Health 2013 by John Barlow

Lake Path in Minneapolis - John BarlowSummer time in Minnesota is the perfect opportunity to get fit and healthy.  With great outdoor activities, amazing parks, and the many lake paths/bike trails in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, you'll be able to shed those extra Winter pounds, or just generally get fit, in no time.  Add in a healthy organic diet and your body will be on it's way to peak performance, free of toxins and chemicals.

In the following months John Barlow will be bringing you a series of healthy blogs articles on everything from natural supplements, to the benefits of new sauna technology.  John Barlow will include many tips on how you can get and stay healthy all while enjoying what the Twin Cities has to offer.

About the Author: Devoted to health and fitness, John R. Barlow enjoys organic food, healthy living, lifting weights and yoga. As a Managing Partner at a major entertainment group, John R. Barlow operates multiple nightclubs in Greater Minneapolis. John R. Barlow is the owner of Blueprint Builders, LLC.  He has been directly involved in the design and building of several nightclubs, restaurants, and condominium projects in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. 


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