Lending a Helping Hand written by John Barlow

John R Barlow is the owner of Blueprint Builders Inc.  Barlow has a management style that is key to the success of his company.  John Barlow takes a hands-on approach, and has been directly involved with the design and construction of many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and condominiums in Minneapolis’ Warehouse District.


Blueprint Builders is reputably known for designing, building, and renovating commercial / residential properties in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area of Minnesota.  Under John R. Barlow’s guidance, the company also takes pride in helping others as a way to give back to the Twin Cities community.


Redeemer Covenant Church approached John Barlow in the spring of 2013 looking to build a new garage.  Barlow took this opportunity to use his company, Blueprint Builders Inc. to facilitate.  He oversaw all aspects, through completion, of the Redeemer Covenant Church garage construction project.  John Barlow was glad to lend a helping hand.  Blueprint Builders donated all their labor and time to the build-out of Redeemer Covenant Church’s new garage.  John R Barlow is dedicated to help make the community a better place in any way he can.


Redeemer Covenant Church was founded in November of 1899. The church had outgrown several locations over the years, and finally found a home in Brooklyn Park with a building big enough for their growing congregation.  The mission at Redeemer Covenant is to reach out to the surrounding community, and build relationships beyond the doors of the church.  One of the many ways Redeemer Covenant practices this outreach is by providing free food to over 500 families a month.  To learn more about this organization go to http://www.redeemercov.org/


Yet another project John R Barlow, and his staff at Blueprint Builders, helped facilitate was the assembly of two new cabins for Covenants Pines Bible Camp, late 2013.

About the Author: Devoted to helping others, John R. Barlow and his company Blueprint Builders Inc, enjoys and excels at designing, building, and renovating residential, commercial, and community projects. He has been directly involved in the planning, design, building, and project management of several nightclubs, restaurants, and condominiums in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area


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